Friday, 29 June 2012

Getting to sleep

Aside from the obvious hints about consistency, warm milk, cool room and the like I have a few other methods of attaining sleep.

If I'm really stuck I visualize.  One is that I am a bird in a nest and I imagine what the nest is like inside and out, and how it is all lined ad warm and I am just sitting there listening to the other birds go to sleep.

The other is progressive relaxation..  I start with my toes and work up.  Some people say  to tense the parts of the body as you do it but I just concentrate.  I sort of take inventory as I do it and notice which parts hurt.  I usually don't get past the hips.  You can  read more about that online if you want a better explanation.  I make up nonsense verses about the body parts as I work my way to the top, depending on how the body part feels

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