Sunday, 28 October 2012

Things you lose

No doubt about the fact that chronic disease takes a toll on the plans that we have for the future.

How much does that matter?  If you don't have concrete plans for your life your immediate goals are not thwarted, however most of us have kids, grandkids and relatives to deal with. RA can change all of your social relationships.  It is a large price you pay when you are not even able to pick up your children or grandchildren.  I think that is the most poignant problem.

This is me with long hair.  With RA it was just too much work, so even though it survived baby sneezes full of pablum and many sticky fingers it had to go.  Actually I think I still have it in a drawer somewhere.  Lost...

There is no easy answer for this.  RA is the "gift" that keeps on taking, so you have to go through the whole loss  and grief cycle over and over.  

We need to find coping resources that help us to make sense of events and to manage them.  These resources can be anything that works for you.  Most commonly social support and the strength you have within are the most help.

It is good to switch your focus to factors that promote your health and well being.  I have read so many blogs recently where people are doing just that. 

Like Arthritis Ashley collecting information and links to share with everyone and Tanya Martin working hard to get more people involved and with advocating to make things better.  

Also on a really big scale RA Warrior.  I bet that when Kelly started on her path she never dreamed that her blog would resonate with so many people.  

Don't discount the benefits of educating yourself so that you can understand what is going on in your life and try to manage some parts of it. 

This learning skeleton is by Aaron Kuehn in case learning anatomy is on your To Do list

This is a huge topic and there will be more to come.

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