Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trapped in a Sports Bra

There are certain things you have to adapt to when you have sore and swollen or damaged hands. It's obvious that your days of carrying all your heavy groceries at once will end.  But are there other problems?

I decided one day that the perfect comfortable item that I needed to have was a sports bra.  I could just see myself getting into great shape and looking cool and sporty.  So after consultation I picked out a few and headed to the change room at Lululemon.  

                                                Nice sportsbra from Lululemon

It was very disappointing to find out that reality did not match my imagination.  I managed to get it on with difficulty but the problems really started when I tried to take it off! I ended up with it half off and was unable to get any further.  Panic stations! I was totally stuck in the middle of removing it. The thought of calling for help in that state was humiliating. No one sees that much of me. And there was no way the situation could have been less flattering. Well, I relaxed,took deep breaths and obviously managed to leave the store but not without a severely bruised ego.

Thank goodness yoga pants are so easy to wear.  At least I can go into a sportswear store and find something.

There have been more close calls with humiliation. Once I went to a meeting at our community center and had a lengthy delay while I struggled to get out of the stall in the washroom. The place was almost empty and I had no cell phone then but would I really want to call 911 or someone at home to come and rescue me?

Luckily there are many ways to adapt beyond brute force. (Now there is something I don't do). I have exacto knives in most rooms of the house.  How do you cook without one?  

This is a super convenient food if you can only open the freezer bag inside and also the *%darned zip lock freezer bag inside. I have been known to slice the zipper part of the bag right off after I throw the chicken on the floor.

Once at a conference one of the attendees had brought some Boost and none of us were able to open it.  It took a waiter and kitchen tools. They have since revised the closure. But this is a product made for people who are frail and weak.  Massive fail.

I'll end with humour to cleanse the palate after those confidence shaking stories.
This "funniest voice mail I have ever heard" always makes me laugh even after so many years. and laughter is a great antidote.  


  1. I sympathize as I have grown a size or two since I bought my sports bras and I get trapped. Luckily I was changing at home and could get help. I don't wear them anymore.

    I have non-swelling inflammation in the joints (my hands are the worst) with the Sjogren's. I have so much trouble with opening anything in the kitchen these days. A friend gave me some of that non-slip cloth to open jars, but I'm still running them under hot water, etc. Other things it's exacto knives, scissors, or calling to someone to help me.

    I find the story of the Boost both hilarious and annoying. Even with the so-called arthritis friendly medication bottles, I still have a hell of a time getting into my pain killers sometimes. I don't think packaging people give any thought to who will be opening their products eventually!

  2. Hi Jane

    I have 2 old posts with pictures of some useful items One is the wedge for opening jars. I use it so much that I wore one out.

    The other is the right angled knife, which I use most of the time in the kitchen. If we make tough food I'll even use it for dinner.

    Anyway, I add this in case it would be helpful. It's good to know that I'm not alone with the sports bra. I find control top panty hose the work of the devil, but they are almost obsolete now. I haven't worm a skirt since my son got married. Black pants and yoga pants cover every occasion to me. Hope you are feelinng a bit less fatigue.

  3. I appreciate the tips. I'm going to have to youtube/google the right angled knife as I have trouble visualizing how to use it! :) The other night holding my knife and fork felt too much. It's weird to have hands that look 'normal' apart from looking like too much water retention, but that hurt like the blazes.

    Yoga pants are the best! I have 2 pairs that I wash religiously. :) I used to wear them for yoga, but now I wear them for most everything too when I have to leave the house (which really isn't that often these days). I almost never wore panty hose (any type) even when I wore a skirt - in Australia, you could get away with that. LOL I didn't like the look/feel of them at all.

    Thanks for asking. I'm having good and bad days, but I'm learning to just roll with it now and rest. The great thing is last night I got some new art done, and I've decided to do the WEGO blog challenge again. With all the things I have to do for work, I feel like even if this adds pressure, at least it's making sure I do more than just work and rest. :)

    Happy Easter to your home from ours!

  4. Oh, I meant to ask - what is the bottle opening thingy called? I probably would have to order it online. Thanks!

  5. I looked it up this morning and there's a Good Grips Jar Opener that sounds like mine. When I looked I found a knife proof glove so I ordered one of them. I hope that it works the way I want.

  6. Thanks for the reference. A knife-proof glove huh? Better make sure before you try to slice into it! :)

    I meant to ask, Annette - are you on Pinterest? It just seems that it would be your kind of place with your love of curating images and information. :)

    Have a good day!

  7. I thought if the glove was rough enough I could use it and not bother to peel the fresh veggies. Really I want a pair of metal mesh gloves (I think I do - wonder what they do to your hands)