Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gas Pumps and Your Hands

I'm grateful and appreciative for friends who are there for me year round. At the moment sciatica is forcing me to lie down rather than sit so this a a duo guest post. It's always something at Christmas and sciatica is (mostly) better than chills and fever.

Here's Patty talking about pumping gas, a problem for any who are disabled and still drive. 

"I was trying to put gas in our car one day and was unable to get the cap off the gas tank.  A very nice man with strong hands helped me - usually if you ask, someone will help you do most anything.  You just have to not be too self-conscious to ask for help. 

I even have one of those gas cap grippers that is supposed to help open the cap, but that darn thing didn't work for me. I don't mind asking for help but once it's open you still have to pull the hose out, press the handle and then get it back in the slot. It's just easier to use a full service gas station, if you can find one."

Not what it used to be. From

And here's what happened to Ginny at the gas pump:

"LOL Anyway I had to get gas. I was already tired and hurting from doing the floors. If I hadn't had to make the house payment I would have just stayed home. I was done getting gas, hanging the nozzle back up and slipped! Grabbed the gas hose and kept myself from falling on my butt but grabbing the hose hurt just as much as falling I think. It left a mark like a rug burn on my pinky and side of my hand. Oh my goodness it hurt so bad! 

My hands had already been hurting and that made the pain go off the freaking chart! I was in tears all the way home. Then I meant to turn on the dome light but pressed the button to open the sunroof and a whole bunch of snow fell in, every where, all over me, my purse, cell phone, quite a mess! So got in, emptied out my purse, changed clothes, put the groceries away and stuff,  took my regular night time pills plus Advil PM. I waited a bit, was still hurting pretty bad so took half a pain pill. "

There's danger in everything - you just have to laugh and take care.


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