Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Top Eight Everyday Problems with Arthritis

Julie is today's guest blogger with a list of things that have become difficult for her to do.

1.    Opening child-proof medication bottles
2.    Opening squeeze type bottles that you have to get               started by squeezing - like toilet cleaner
3.    Opening anything that is securely wrapped in heavy              plastic
4.    Pull-Tabs on canned products where they can not be            opened by a can opener at the top or bottom.
5.    Dragging the large garbage bags out front for the                 garbage men - John has to do this
6.    Carrying things while using my cane
7.    Lifting anything that is very heavy
8.    Dropping everything on the floor due to clumsy hands

Julie can only climb a few steps - not a entire staircase - thus I have the chair/stair lift as we are in a two-story house.  I have a container that I can set in my lap to carry things up and down while sitting in my chair.

She also purchased plastic glasses that are sturdy but easier to grip.

Here's her jar-opener that is attached under a cabinet that is a life-saver for her. It will open any size jar. 

Under Cabinet jar opener

Her son and daughter-in-law gave her an electric jar opener, but it took up too much room on the kitchen counter.

"I have a small stool with a cord attached to step on when getting in her SUV - John made it for me.  I first step on the lower stool and then can slide my butt into the car.  Then I pull the step stool up into the car by the cord. You wouldn't believe the people that see that and examine it so they can make one for themselves."  

I have been making lists too. Here are my own top 9 difficult things of everyday life

1. opening round doorknobs

My whole medical building has these

2 turning a key in a lock
3. Cutting vegetables like little carrots in half
4. Using tiny sinks in hotel bathrooms

5. Carrying a cup of tea upstairs (or anywhere)
6. Releasing the car brake
7. Carrying things due to weight or weak hands
8. Making the bed
9. Opening water bottles

Julie and I have quite a few things in common. I feel like sawing the top off of the toilet cleaner.

Meat slicer

This would come in handy for lots of household items.

In fact I heard a story about researchers who were visiting elderly people and asking them about problems in getting the tops off of their medications. One lady who was 93 said she had no problems at all. They asked how she did it, and she took the researchers into her kitchen and proudly showed them her meat slicer.

"I just run them through this to get the tops off."

Three guesses why housecleaning items are not on our lists...

Do you have any trouble with things that most people do easily? Feel free to comment.


  1. My sentiments exactly! My husband is a neat freak but I keep telling him that there are things that need to be within reach like pots, sauces, containers. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. There are magnets on the walls above my kitchen counter and I keep my favourite knives there. They look a bit decorative, and at least the counter is still clear.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. This is such a good post Annette and a very valid subject for discussion. I hope the people responsible for those horrid round doorknobs will see this and take them out of the medical buildings. I also find things using the tv remote difficult when my hands hurt, cutting up food, getting in & out of the bath is a no no, thank goodness for my shower.

  3. Thanks Gilly,
    The bath is getting more difficult to get out of. I worry about slipping.. I also agree on cutting up food. In restaurants I eat a lot of fish, even though I have a special folding knife. I just don't want to get it out in public because it looks unusual.

    Out TV remote is large and heavy - easy to hit the wrong button.