Monday, 2 July 2012

Caregiving? Not Revera!

My mother is quite disabled and has been living in an expensive retirement home for the last 5 years.  She is comfortable there on the whole.

It was taken over by Revera Living.  They advertise a lot.  They have renovated the place, cut staff and they raised the fees this year.  Now they are back with a 140% increase in the cost of care.  Originally they gave us one week's notice about this change.  After we complained they dropped back to phasing it in over 3 months at the end of 90 days.  

Only the Landlord Tenant act governs them so residents are only protected from increases in the rent portion of the monthly charges. For the care fees they can charge as much as they want.

My mom's care is much the same now as it was 5 years ago but she is less well.  They want her to pay almost $9000 each month.  And at that price they have homecare help (CCAC) to get her up and dressed each day!!

I would go further and say this is an abuse of the taxpayer. At $9000 per month you would think they could afford the staff time to dress her and not call on the provincial healthcare funds.


  1. Hi there.
    I'm doing some research into Revera's business practices. Would you please contact me at ASAP
    Thank you

  2. Revera has actually looked at this again and offered a compromise increase. So I will chalk that up as a victory