Friday, 6 July 2012

Not the Feet of My Dreams

At the risk of being too literal, I elect my feet for the "Achilles Heel of RA" trophy.  For the past 30 years, day in and day out they keep on giving.

They were the first sign of RA - I could neither get a diagnosis or walk without a limp.  By the time things improved the feet were beyond hope of wearing "nice" shoes.


Yes. my feet are trapped in bad shoe jail.  I became resigned/somewhat accepting but still feel socially handicapped with sensible shoes.  I went to Walking on a Cloud (shoe store) 20 years ago and they quickly steered me to the "elderly shoe section" where I found shoes even less stylish than this pair known as the Lady Pillow-Back. Doesn't that sound glamorous?

You'll find me every day wearing my sensible New Balance shoes, and now I have even gone to velcro closings.  I was going to say it doesn't bother me now but even in this post I wince at the words velcro and shoes in the same sentence.

I'll never be a rheumanista because I choose function over fashion. In my own mind I'm glamorous. Just don't look down.


  1. It's frustrating when these illnesses that already impact our self-esteem in so many ways find even more ways to chip away at it. I'm sure that you are fabulous in many, many other ways, even if your shoes can't be!

  2. We must be an a similar wavelength - I just got a dress a lot like the one on your blog, and that is notable because I haven't worn one in 15 years. Maybe talking about the shoes made me care less about the look.

    Really, hardly anyone really looks at people to judge their fashion sense, except when they are bored

  3. I know the pain only too well. I dream of fabulous shoes!

  4. I've had RA for about 25 years,and for the first 10 or so the bottoms of my hurt, to varying degrees, every day. My doctor back then had nothing to offer when I told him about that constant pain, though he'd diagnosed me with RA and was treating me for it. I thought (this was long before the Internet; I was overseas and didn't have access to information about the disease and its symptoms and co-morbidities) that my painful feet were some sort of odd symptom no one had ever heard of, so isolated was I.

    Fortunately, the pain in my feet faded away over time, along with my RA when it went into remission. (This was very, very, very nice!) And although my RA has returned, so far, the daily foot pain has not. I still cannot wear heels or narrow-toed shoes, however. They're still RA feet and wierdly sensitive.

    If I were still experiencing that foot pain, I'd choose my feet as my RA Achilles heel, just like you. Instead, today it's my hands, which are nearly always achy and sore.

    I like your blog and I like your attitude and outlook, Annette. If you don't mind, I'll add you to my favorite blog list.

    1. I would be delighted if you added me. This is my first blog and not many people have seen it yet. I started out in shock after retiring earlier than I expected.

      Now the freedom is wonderful.

      I am so glad to hear that your RA is in remission. It is so tough when you can't access the info you need. Have you ever tried resting splints to see if that would ease the aching in your hands? Before I had the diagnosis I was wrapping my hands and wrists in Ace bandages at night. It helped a bit