Monday, 23 July 2012

Post Surgery

They haven't called me back yet with an appointment to get the stitches out.  I am  worried because one toe looks sort of iridescscent in the purples and blues and it is puffy, so I am going to see the GP tomorrow to get an opinion.

It actually hurts more than I would think it should 6 days later.  We got a transport chair to wheel me around which should help now and possibly in the future for those events that require a lot of walking or waiting in line.  I have resisted that idea for a long time but it seems sensible now.

So I will keep in touch and as usual hope for the best


  1. What was the verdict, Annette?

    Perhaps, like me, you're a quick healer.

    When I was at the rehab hospital, they had a policy whereby the staples couldn't come out for-gee,I forget now-14 days, maybe. Anyway, at day 7, my skin was puckered and irritated, and the staples were being pulled in deeper. It took some convincing, but they finally agreed to remove them ahead of their schedule.

  2. It's so satisfying when they agree with you, but a lot of work to convince them to do what you want. I am sure you were very persuasive

    The rest of the story - My ankle swelled up so much I had to cut through the dressing around it for comfort. I managed to get an appointment on Day 10 and hoped to get the stitches out but they were swollen and red. The ankle looked bad so although the Dr said that he did not think there was an infection he gave me antibiotics.

    Now the stitches are out, no swelling and all is good. I can walk on it already. Too bad I assumed 6 weeks no weight bearing and got my car insurance adjusted. I need a chauffer for 2 more weeks.

    I feel like a quick healer but maybe the body reacts more strongly to "insults" like surgery as you age. It was an eye opener. I have some great pictures of the foot that no one will ever see