Monday, 21 January 2013

Heartbreak: Shoes and RA

The whole truth is that I have given up on cool sexy shoes and now concentrate on comfort and being able to walk in a way that looks normal.  It has taken a long time for me to become so philosophic about this issue.  It often felt like the main limiting factor in my professional life was my footwear.  I used to cringe at my overall "look" in a full length mirror, even though I don't think most people look at your feet when you are talking business in a room full of colleagues.  But we all know the people with "good" shoes check yours out. It's a ranking system for them.

                                          Greg Blackstock Shoes

How many of the shoes above can you still wear? Are you trapped with ugly shoes?

I almost walked right out of the store years ago when a salesperson suggested I get shoes like this (really I almost cried):
They were unthinkable as a shoe choice!! I got some cool lace up blue leather boots instead.

Imagine these on your feet: 

Of course these shoes would take too much money out of our drug and pain rub budget as well as torturing feet, but can you imagine?!  That's all I can do - imagine.  I could wear them in a wheelchair - maybe.

I'm glad to see there are more sensible choices now that do not look so bad these days. 

I couldn't wear the shoes above but I bet many people with RA could.
I just stick with my trusty New Balance 926s. 

They have a rollbar that does part of the walking for me and a lot of cushioning built in. 

Wishing for the feet of a baby.


  1. You have been busy lately! I was lucky I suppose that my main career was as a scientist. Most scientists weren't considered to have a sense of style, and even without RA, I could never really tolerate high heels (consider it my tomboy gene). So I walked in comfortable leather flats, or $30 runners from the local chain store, and I did okay. I just look at your collection of shoes and think "ouch". :)

    1. True, We seldom look at the shoes that scientists wear. What a brilliant profession to go into as far as shoes are concerned.
      Isn't that a cute baby?
      We should all get a nice tie-dye to wear to bed and to cheer us up. Thanks for commenting. One more shoe post to come, then on to other fields

    2. The only fashion faux pas that you could make with shoes as a scientist was wear socks under sandals. I think that's a universal thing. :) And there were still a lot of scientists who boldly broke that sacred rule!

      I would love that tie dye in a really soft cotton... sans baby, of course. :)

  2. Those black shoes are cute, where did you find them? I'm pretty sure I can get my orthotics in there. I too find it depressing that my footwear choices are limited to what I can get my orthotics and my foot into. I did recently get a pair of very cute boots that are Easy Spirits and they're very comfy. Thanks for talking about your feet, it's nice to have someone to identify with.

  3. Here's the url for the black shoes
    It's good to share shoe stories. If we get any decent snow here I will take a picture of my boots and share it. I really like them. Usually people at the orthotist say "Oh, Where did you get those?" which cheers me up