Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Some pearls from the Sjogren's National Conference 2013

The round table discussions at the Sjogren's Society of Canada Annual Conference are very popular.  Here are some small nuggets I learned in the course of one question period.

Lichen planus is an autoimmune problem. It can be treated with MI Paste or baking soda and salt. This is the recipe: Eight ounces of water with 1 tbsp soda and 1 tbsp of salt. That increases the PH in your mouth. It has a tonic effect on the soft tissues. Unfortunately not the brain.


In Canada LU049 is the prescription code for Lacrilube if your doctor will prescribe. The LU stands for Limited Use. This is for people who can't afford it otherwise.

For your salivary glands it is “Use it or lose it”, based on a comment by Dr Athena Pappas.  Massage of the salivary glands helps you keep the function. Using Salagen also helps. With Salagen you have 40% more function.  The Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation shows how to do this massage here.

                                       dry river bed
If you lose even 30% of the function of your salivary glands your mouth will feel very dry.

If you develop black tongue clean it and brush it. Then use an anti-fungal agent or Clin Pro.

You can use omega 3 oil in your mouth, though Dr Pappas prefers Vitamin E oil from the capsules for the tongue and mouth.

The conference was a mine of information and I will pass on more of what I learned soon.  It was also an opportunity to meet new people with similar problems and interests.

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