Saturday, 1 June 2013

Update on wrist fusion surgery

4 1/2 months later:
I'm still very happy with the results of the surgery.  I no longer have pain in my left wrist, which was the first priority, but I have also regained function that I did not know I had lost.  The beginning of the story is in this post about the fusion.

Here's a picture of my right hand when I try to turn it palm up.  You can see that I can't make it level, as you would if someone were giving you change.
                                          A. McKinnon
Now here is the left, after the fusion.  Before it was like the right wrist and did not turn palm up. (that motion is called supination) Now I can make it turn almost 90 degrees with my elbow at my waist.

A. McKinnon
It  took some work and exercise to regain that range but it was well worth it.  An added bonus is that I can type faster now.

I also have copies of the X-rays at the bottom of the post.  If you do not like to see X-rays then don't go all the way to the end.  Not everyone has an interest in the actual nuts and bolts (only too true) of orthopedic surgery.

This picture shows how well the scar has healed four months later, and a ring splint that I wear for a swan neck finger, in case you are curious about the silver ring.


This hardware did not cause me any trouble at the airport.

Here is the link to the post about the actual surgery

The X-Rays



  1. Wow Annette it's looking good and that's fantastic to regain such range of motion. I did check out the x-rays, you know me I like the detail!! I had no idea that there was so much hardware involved, I envisioned the actual joint being fused somehow, so that's an eye opener for me.

  2. I'm glad the surgery was so successful! I hope you continue to heal and your hands will become even stronger :)

  3. Thanks Gilly and Arianna, I was afraid that X-Rays might be too much. I am pleased with the range of motion.
    It was a surprise to see how much there was in my wrist area. You can't tell from the outside though.

  4. I am happy to see this as I am set for wrist fusion surgery next month on my right hand along with fixing a wayward tendon, followed by the left hand down the road. I hope I can recover quickly and get back to my college classes. After my hands will be clean up of my knees. Maybe after all this, I will feel well enough to actually feel less like a freak. BTW I really like having to wear silver rings on 4 of my left hand fingers. They are quite a fashion statement.

  5. Thanks for commenting. I hope that yours will go smoothly also Marty. It helped that my fingers were free and I was able to use them soon after the operation. At first the swelling worried me but when I went back to the doctor he said everything looked normal.

    It's great the way people take the silver rings for a fashion statement. I currently wear 3 of them.

    1. So now after having the right wrist fusion, boutonnière surgery on the middle finger and stabilazation of the pointer finger tendon, I am thrilled at how painless recovery has been with no swelling after day 3 and how fast I am rehabbing. I admit the pictures look scary, but the results are worth it. Next will be fusion on my left hand and since I am left handed... Plus the surgeon says this will be "complicated". Hmmmm.

  6. Congratulations on your quick recovery. I hope the complications for the left hand will look less like a problem once the surgeon gets started. He did a lot at the same time. You must have a few rings leftover :)
    After the fusion I had I could not get the silver ring on my left middle finger, but luckily had one leftover from when it was swollen so switched to it.

  7. I know that its been a long time since someone left a comment.... I'm having the wrist fusion for my right wrist!!.. I had a stroke as a one year old and my hand and wrist have been non functional my whole life. To be able increase my quality of life with such a surgery, I am beyond excited!!!.. My wrist will be straight as opposed to permanently bent like it is now!... I hope you are doing well and thanks for the info

  8. I hope you end up happy with the surgery Heather. I have been - in fact I can type faster now than before. It will be excellent for you to be able to use your right hand more effectively. Please let us know how it goes.