Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Martha Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Here's a wise guest post from Julie. I think she and her husband have the true Christmas spirit.

"I have certainly "re-invented" many aspects of my life to accommodate my health.  I am sure that most of us have done that.  I tried for a long time to just keep going as usual at Christmas, but that didn't work at all.  When I was younger, I did much better and could do more.  As older age sets in, I struggle more each day.
I think the thing with the Holidays is that we all have to do our normal routines and then we have to add more because of the holidays.  That is what is hard for me.  I have a hard enough time just getting through the day doing what I have to do - laundry, cooking, shopping - (you get the idea) and then piling other things on top is just plain too difficult at times. 

Next week and the weeks following I have to get things done for Christmas.  My youngest son has graciously offered to have our Family Gathering at his house.  I haven't heard from the rest of the family, so really don't know what everyone plans to do.  It is not fair that he is hosting everything again!  Hopefully, we can figure out who is planning to attend and figure out some simpler dinner menu. 

Heath-Robinson. How To Dispense With Servants In the Dining-Room

The family is all spoiled by my past formal dinners.  We are not doing that anymore!!!  My body has rebelled and I just am unable to repeat my past "Martha Stewart" performances - HA!

I just accept what is and go from there.
John says all of the neighbors probably think that I am dead because I haven't taken the usual dog walk in months.  I was just about ready to start the walk again when I broke my toe!  Now, the weather is awful and I don't want to go outside.

I wish all of you could see Lou Lou the cat.  He is a monster in size.  I can barely lift him.  We plan to have him neutered in the next few weeks when he is 4 months old. The doctor said that he would be more able to withstand the anesthetic then.  We have ordered him a heated bed as he sleeps in the garage.  It was supposed to be delivered today but is not here yet.  John asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted a heated bed for Lou Lou and he said that is what he wanted also - so that is what we are giving each other - a heated cat bed. - HA!"
Old Christmas Card

That's such a great present Julie and John are giving to one another. You can't help but smile.

Here's a link about strategies for dealing with patient burnout that also has 10 useful tips. I'm a pushover for a good list and Martine Ehrenclou has written a most helpful post.

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