Friday, 10 August 2012

My Favorite Drinking Glasses for Klutzes & RA hands

Kolsch Glass

Curvy Glass

It's time for a celebration.  I can add pictures!! I won't do the ring splint post today because I think my hands are a little scary to people with a new diagnosis.  You'll see them eventually but they are the result of bad treatment 30 years ago.  Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis have improved a lot since my diagnosis!

The Kolsch glass you see in the top picture is so easy for me to hold now that it is harder to grasp things.  They look good and can be found at Lee Valley Tools ( I hear that even surgeons buy tools there.  They were around $15 for a dozen and I have presented them to friends with RA who also appreciated them.  I am sure you can easily find the glasses - they are meant for beer

The curvy glasses are so cool but they were a garage sale find so I can't direct you to a store where they are available.  They are a bit heavy but can be grabbed by the top with the whole hand since they have that ridge.  Regular glasses just slip out of my hands

I have a few more ideas that make life easier which I have not seen, but most have already been covered well by Auntie Stress in her great Rheumful of Tips blog.  I have already read all 326 hints she has so far.

Note: Since I wrote this Auntie Stress has stopped at 500 tips. What an accomplishment!


  1. Hi Annette,

    What a great tip re. glassware! It's amazing what one can find at a garage sale - that will be one of my future tips.

    I appreciate your taking the time a) to read ART - aka A Rheumful of Tips and b) to mention me in this post.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Marianna
    Delighted to give people a pointer to more tips. I'm hooked on tips. Those Kolsch glasses make me happy.
    My husband says you can find tips at sites that sell these items but we know that the narrative makes all the difference


  3. I like the glasses Annette..think the tall skinny one is my favorite.

    I'm sure my hands are way worse. We're pretty strong ...we have r/a...nothing surprises or scares. Well, maybe some things.

    I like the catalogs for r/a'ers but nothing beats a good, honest review by someone who knows.

  4. I like your taste in choosing drinking glasses. Although the taste of the drinks also affected on what kind of drinking glasses did you use.