Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cooking with Knives & Magnets

                                                                      Swedish Knife

A Swedish women's group in Toronto donated some of these right angle knives to The Arthritis Society years ago and I am so happy that they did. It was the first product specifically adapted for arthritis that I acquired. I received the one on the right. The two points at the tip are handy for using to pick up small morsels as you cook but I dropped it on the floor and the point broke.  I bought a new one since the fork end is so handy.

These are so good for weak and painful hands with problems like mine.  Of all the "devices" I have ever used specifically for RA I have had the most use from this knife. It makes cutting much easier when you can use the full strength of your arm rather than only your hand.  Just don't drop it on the floor :)

I never bought one online though I know it is possible. Mine have come from local specialty stores. 

Do you like the magnets on the wall?  They save the trouble of opening heavy drawers so often.  My wonderful husband thought of that.

And what goes naturally with a knife? - the cutting board.  This is more economical than the knife. It's a dollar store find.  There's a cow on it because it is a set of 4 - you use a different one for each type of meat if you keep a kosher kitchen.  The one for chicken wore out.  
The board I used to use weighed about 2 pounds and over time the extra weight has a bad effect on your hand joints.

Cutting Board

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