Monday, 24 September 2012

Chronic Illness: A Heavy Burden

                                                              This is the Heavy Lady

She's a doorstop made of iron and she's amazingly heavy to pick up.  As someone who has been in the family a long time we would not part with her though she needs a touch up here and there. (Just like me) 

For some reason the term "heavy lady" makes me think of living with RA.  That may seem like a leap, but it takes a lot of time and energy to take care of chronic illness. And to look at most of us it is impossible to tell we have a health issue. In a sense it's like carrying the weight of a health problem that would surprise others with the complexity.

So we have to shed the weight.  Not the time and trouble it takes to manage it, but the heaviness of spirit that it casts on us.  I've been collecting advice about this.  I am sure it can help a little.  And I see that people with RA blogging and on Twitter cope amazingly well.

Marianna's blog suggested that as Tip #363 we balance every negative with at least 2 positives.  So she told people to look at the Awesome Blog by Neil Pasricha  and a blog called This Gives Me Hope.  She did say more than that and with more elegance on her post here

And I went to a great family reunion yesterday and learned a lesson from a little boy.  He was sitting out on the porch at a kid sized table with his boots off and his little sock feet were just waving up and down with delight.  He was so comfortable and happy eating his pie and I think that it was the main thought in his mind.  I would like to be as single minded in my enjoyment of everyday pleasures.

This guy is 50 years old

There is something to be said for smiling and this guy inspires me to smile.  He's a pepper and my mom won him years ago in a contest.  Well worth saving I say even as I approach the downsizing years.

I have another longer story of how an accidental pursuit helped me get over the depression I had after my diagnosis.  It will come soon.


  1. Anxious to read more... Especially what your accidental pursuit was!?

  2. The green pepper is a clue. You're inspiring me to write faster.

  3. It's the contesting that was the accidental pursuit. That happy green pepper is something my mom won 40 years ago. Isn't it cute?

  4. Annette, I commend you on accurately describing RA with eloquence - ". . . it's like carrying the weight of a health problem that would surprise others with the complexity."

    Thanks for the link back, too. :)

  5. Thanks for all of your support. I think we all have way too much experience with the complex problems of chronic disease. It's an education.
    Too bad we don't get a credit towards a degree