Saturday 8 September 2012

Ideas to Spare Your Hand Joints - You'll Need Them For a Long Time

Here are a few things I use to save the joints of my hands and fingers.    I also have a collection of things that might help some day and others items that are useless and rather silly.

I collect water bottles that are easy to hold and easy to pick up without looking while I am driving. This was one of my best finds though ecologically bad. Here I am in Canada and we are shipping this water in from Ireland. It amazes me that any company would find that economically feasible. But it's good for me - all of those indentations give me a good grip. And also I am far less likely to drop it. Now if only the lids didn't keep rolling under the car seats...

I have actually worn one of these out since I first got diagnosed. I almost feel that I can open anything with it. For pop bottles, pickles (lie -I never open pickles) fruit juice and everything else I use this as an opener. This jar opener even works to pry up the vacuum sealed lids on mason jars of soup.

This is just a plastic sleeve that I have heard called a nobby.  It makes setting the dryer a lot easier.
Sometimes you don't realize how much strain you are putting on your joints until you make it easier.  These can be used on any knob or dial.  They are a little stretchy but you might need help to put them on the knob the first time.

Turning keys in a regular lock can be tough when your hands are sore and weak. Opening my front door has always been a problem for me.  I used to use the metal split ring on my keyring but it is MUCH easier using this keyturner.  I even bought another to use for the washroom door at my office.

If you would like to see more tips Auntie Stress has been posting 1 per day for the last 355 days.  What a lot of work that has been Marianna!


  1. The last time I looked at the sleeve for the washer, it was made out of hard plastic. I think this silicone one (is it silicone?), is a big improvement because it would be softer on the hands.

    Thanks for sharing, and for the link, Annette.

    Now, back to finishing up my last nine days of blogging for ART, as we call it around here! :)

  2. I think that I got those sleeves in a 2 pack and you're right. Probably silicone.

    I have another favorite water bottle - flat like a mickey of gin. I look in fancy grocery stores and specialty stores - once found a great little bottle in a Portugese store