Monday, 26 November 2012

How to bandage a skin tear if you're allergic to adhesive

Some more advice from Judy for people who are allergic to tape and bandage adhesive.  Judy has many areas of expertise.

When I get a skin tear, I first put on an antibiotic ointment.

Try to keep any skin in place by pushing it over the tear.

Then I put a sterile non-stick pad over the skin tear.
Then I use a piece of a roll of the self-adhesive elastic bandage like the one pictured below.  There are many different brands at your drugstore or pharmacy.

You cut a piece that will fit around your arm wound and hold the sterile pad in place.  You might have to do two wraps of it.  It will keep the sterile pad in place without using any kind of adhesive tape.  This tape sticks to itself and not your skin.  I am allergic to any kind of adhesive tape and the regular adhesive tape pulls off my skin - so this is very good for me.  You might want to try it. 

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