Saturday, 13 April 2013

RA Inventory

I went back and looked for my First Blog Post. It was April 4th last year so my first blog anniversary passed without notice.  There was cake in the house though so that should count as a celebration.

                                    Happy Blogday To Me!

As I sit here and take an early inventory of my joints this morning my neck has news for me.  It is fed up with holding my head up all day every day and wants a day off.  It hurts to turn my head and the nerves in my scalp are prickling. In fact the pain is camouflaging a headache or else the pain gave it to me. 


Then there are those other major muscles - the sit down ones are stiff and sore.  They don't want to work today either, and my fingers would rather not bend.  Knuckles hurt and no video games today says the wrist (and the rheumatologist) --  in fact these hands won't let me spell right either on the first attempt. 

Feet are saying what did you do yesterday? We never agreed to that

Even the shoulders - "What! you want to type? Not us, not us"

Is it Chicken Little?
                                      No I can't help you
or Struwwelpeter?
                                        Shock Headed Peter

Either one is bad news.

And a knee is stabbing me.

I used to use a body inventory to help me relax.  It's a technique like progressive relaxation though I altered it to make it more fun (easier) for me.

I'd start with the toes and concentrate on them for aches and pains, even make up nonsense verses for each area as I assessed the pain or lack of pain from the toes up. As I went on to another area I would tell the one I was leaving to relax.  Though this sounds very simplistic I rarely managed to get past my waist before falling asleep

Some days that's the best alternative - a good rest.

                                          A good rester


  1. Me and you both sister. I often take Saturday to rest, and today hubs is off doing Pool League duties so I am enjoying my dream rainy day activity, in bed with the Kindle for reading time, laptop for games and communications, and the TV for noise. All accompanied by a nice cup of hot tea. Aaaahh, now if only my knuckles and feet didn't hurt :/

  2. I should have thought of doing that. Finally I'm dressed and I went for comfort. Moth eaten cashmere that is so cozy but I would never wear it out of the house. It even needs a layer on top so my husband doesn't see it.

    It sounds like a dream Saturday to me too.

  3. Annette,
    I hope your joints have settled down.

    I can just see you in that moth-eaten cashmere sweater. (I have a wool house sweater that has seen better days. It is so comfy that I'm loathe to get rid of it.)

  4. I saved the sweater because I thought I would try to felt it but there are some days that I just want comfort. I also visualize to relax and get to sleep. It's very effective, though I must admit that when I was diagnosed and tried to mobilize warriors in my body, in the guise of Spencer and Hawk, they were not effective.