Saturday, 6 April 2013

RA Stories from Real Life

My online friends have some good stories about RA. Here are two of my favourites plus a fun story of a funny evening .

From the ever popular Julie.  "I am sure that we all have "naughty hands" stories.  One of my worst was this.  We were vacationing in Washington, D.C. and went to a nice restaurant.  I always carry my medications in those 7 day containers that have pop-up lids.  I had mine in my purse and had secured it with a big rubber band just to make sure that the tops didn't come open.

I got the container out of my purse and went to take the rubber band off.  Well - instead, when I went to take the rubber band off, I used the entire thing like a sling-shot.  The container flew across the room, hit a server, the tops opened up and the pills went everywhere.  Jon really liked that!  He and I were down on the floor picking up pills.  Once again, I started laughing."


Nina said   "One day I was at my rheumy appointment, waiting in the waiting room and we were sat there wondering why there were so many very young couples waiting. We thought we were maybe in the wrong place, till Mark realized that the rheumy waiting room was also the STD clinic waiting room!! "

And on a day like today give some thought to Rosie who is dressing up for a Spelling Bee.  It sounds like so much fun!


"The costume consists of yellow tee shirts that my neighbor had made while she was in Florida.  It has a circle on it in black with a honey bee in it.  It says Spelling Bee's on it.  We have these head bands with fuzzy things that stick up like a bee's feelers.  She also has yellow nail polish.  We all agreed to wear black pants.  Everyone is supposed to wear something I guess.  I think they have a prize for the best costume too.  I'm not looking forward to it."  And that's not counting  the yellow green and black striped socks our team will be wearing.

Breaking News: They won for best costume and spelled  very well.


  1. It was a good thing they were not judged on grammar if they called themselves the "Spelling Bee's". ;) I remember winning the class spelling bee in Grade 6. That was probably the last time I stood up under pressure. Wearing the funny costume would have done me in.

    Re: the pill story - that's just a nightmare that is all too likely to happen. LOL

  2. That pill story is only funny if you can laugh at the effects and not die of embarassment.What a mess, and what a pain to have to count out all those pills all over again.

    I won a prize in a spelling bee in Grade 1. The highlight of grade school. I still have my green Scottie dog somewhere. He must be retro by now

  3. Oh I know - it's only one of those stories you can laugh after the fact. I'm sure I would have died of embarrassment during it. And yes - counting out the pills, especially when so many of my vitamins look the same, would have been an exercise in frustration.