Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Whole Blog in a Wordle

The idea of doing a wordle and having the whole blog encapsulated in one image was exciting. 

It's something I have never done and since this is a week of new things here's my wordle.  You can read the whole blog in one easy picture.

It's an inspiration from the #HAWMC blog challenge.  Looking in from outside the participants seem to be having a lot of fun.


  1. Hey - I'm glad you gave it a go! The wordle is interesting and fun. I also discovered you could customize colours, fonts and directions, and even the words used by right clicking on them to remove words you didn't want. But even without the "frills" it's still quite a thrill. :)

    In my first attempt I noticed a lot of words were to do with time and I see that in yours too: day, yesterday, waiting, life, today, now, years - it gives you the idea that a lot of life with an illness is about waiting for things to happen or to pass, or getting through a day. <3

  2. Thanks Jane
    That's an interesting outlook and rings true. The waiting is incessant. The wordle was fun to do - I did not realize that you could extract the words from a blog url. It is unedited.