Sunday, 15 September 2013

The "Old Bags" Event for Sjogrens

There are some talented and generous women in the Hamilton/Burlington area who call themselves "The Blossom Group." They help deserving organizations and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for non-profits. Their hallmark is amazing creativity and an ability to get support from the community for the events they plan. 

I heard of one event that was attended by some older ladies who are still talking about the dashing and generous firemen who escorted them to their tables. 

                                Image from WikimediaCommons Saperaud

For this new project for the Sjogren's Society of Canada they are calling themselves "The BAGettes."  The event they have planned is "The Old Bags Cocktail Party and Fashion Show" and it's occurring on Thursday September 26 in Hamilton. It sounds like a major source of good laughs to me.

Lynn Spence from CityLine is doing the Fashion Show with smashing models. Deirdre Pike is the MC for the evening. Food, wine and door prizes are included, and 20 really high end bags will be auctioned off.  There will also be 200 bags that will be sold for a modest price. The wonderful firemen are again donating their services. You can't take them home but maybe a picture?

                                            Lynn Spence

This is a major event for the Sjogren's Society to help fund research and I can't imagine a better group of organizers.  The tickets are $75 and you will receive a tax receipt for a large portion of the cost since so much of it is a donation.

For Tickets: Phone 905-679-1809 or go on-line ( and pay through pay-pal.  See you on the 26th in Hamilton!


  1. I would so go to this wonderful event if I lived there! I hope they surpass their fundraising goals, and everyone enjoys those firemen!

  2. We would be the table who don't stop laughing. The firemen are such good sports too. Good sign it starts at 6:00. Not to late going home :)

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