Saturday, 19 October 2013

Give the bird a carrot

As many countries try to control healthcare costs we will see more support for self-management, especially in patients with chronic disease. After all, we're living for long term with a problem that won't go away. We get tired of trips to the doctor and I'm sure the doctors get tired of us too. It's also easy to see that the way we manage our own health makes a big difference.

                                  Self Management ...then

Notice that Dr Chase has the answer for inflammatory diseases in addition to everything else.

When I googled "self management" and "chronic disease" the first result I got led me to the Stanford website and the "Better Choices, Better Health" program that they developed between 1996 and 2001. Their course they developed is used in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands. It is not surprising that they are #1.

                                 Self management...Now

You can take their course on line or in person if it is offered in your area. It takes a day per week for 4 to 6 weeks.  One thing that is stressed in the courses is goal setting. Their aim is to give you a tool kit of skills that you can use to improve your health. 

Some of the apps I found online lately are enough to convert even a dedicated non-user. One project gives older people a virtual friend named Carmen who encourages them with personal feedback as they report their results in becoming more active. Carmen is a star!

Then I found Birds: The Stay Healthy or the Bird Dies version. You need to eat vegetables and exercise to keep your little friend alive. Maybe using apps is a better idea than I thought.

This study makes a good case for physical activity with Rheumatoid Disease if fun games don't tempt you as much as facts. 

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  1. Is that bird game actually available? I think that would be fun! I was looking for it but didn't see anything but the Stanford article - do you know any more about it?

    1. If I bought any app that would be it. I found a link here but it says it's a Stanford study. I'll phone them and ask about it tomorrow.