Saturday, 5 October 2013

Inspiration and Unmet Needs

This past weekend as I watched the MedX livestream and the associated Twitter timeline; I was saving tweets that impressed me. When a panel discussion came up called "Addressing Unmet Needs in Healthcare" I was prepared to take a 'brain rest'. But a week later I was still looking at this series of Tweets and finding them thought-provoking. Seeing a rebroadcast of that panel would help me to learn more. I hope it is posted in the future.

                                      I need real food

"There are 3 types of unmet needs: I didn't know, I know I should, I want to but I can't"-@AmyCueva #MedX

.@StanfordMedX @AmyCueva gr8 points-people often blamed for not doing "I know I shoulds" for health. Blamers don't acknowledge other unmet needs #medX

3 types of unmet needs. Look for patterns. Anticipate. Take responsibility. -   

Via @StanfordMedX@AmyCueva: look for feelings, triggers, transitions, opportunities, partners #MedX #designthink #hcinno

: " 'No' is a barrier to innovation - it says 'stay comfortable, don't change.'" -    

 Talking about the 5C's that affect processes Culture, Conditioning, Content, Context, Choice 

"Design thinking starts with 'How might we...?'" -@dennisjboyle #MedX

 29 Sep"I've never encountered too much of a disparity. At end of the day, everyone wants health. It's just how you get there."  

Amy Cueva has a powerful message. I suggest that you read Regina Holliday's blog post about the painting she did at Amy's conference called "Health Experience Design 2012." The post is called "Wind of Change."

If you don't know about Regina Holliday's work here is a chance to be introduced to it. It is illuminating to read about the reasoning that makes her paintings so deeply meaningful. She was once accused of being too able to call up emotion when she speaks about the deeply personal mural that started her journey to being a health activist artist. 

It is just not credible. Though I have never met Regina, when I tell her story to others I feel emotional even with such distance from her and Fred. The ideals she fights for resonate strongly with patients and have made her an inspiration. Having one of her Walking Gallery jackets is a great honour to anyone in healthcare.

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