Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sjogren's Syndrome Lectures

Sjogren's Syndrome is an intrusive illness to deal with and it takes a lot of searching to find answers. While looking for links to post I came across these lectures by Dr Arthur Bookman. He's the Director of the specialized Sjogren's Syndrome Multidisciplinary Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital.

The first lecture is called What Our Patients Have Taught Us and has data about the survey study done among patients. It's a large file with pictures of the Schirmer's test and more.

It's continued in the second file and is on a very professional level since  it is a teaching lecture.

You may find in reading this that you have to look for some definitions. That's an effective way to learn correct medical terminology. This helps your ability to discuss Sjogren's Syndrome with your doctor.

Virtual both for Sjogren's from WAAD. Booth and lecture are virtual

Health literacy is strongly connected to good outcomes in illness, so the more you learn the healthier you are likely to be.

If you like to read scientific studies and lectures you could follow @sjogrensca on Twitter. Sjogren's Canada tries to post a new link to a study or useful fact every day. I still find that is a good source of useful tips. Dr Robert Fox, a Sjogren's expert put that site together.

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