Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Experience: Blogging With an Editor

Last month's guest post  for GeriLynn Baumblatt of Emmi Solutions was a different experience of blogging for me. Her topic for Health Literacy Month was Health Care Transitions and it took a lot of thought to find something in my health experience that qualified as a transition.

After I submitted the idea and we discussed the first draft I felt reassured by working with Geri Lynn to fine tune the post. Usually my husband and I are the only critics.

And I'm wondering, though I only have to ask, about the etiquette of being a guest blogger and whether I can post the blog here too.

Possibly not so I present the link to the post here.   The Title is "Graduating From Patient School: Health Literacy and Care Transitions" and is the story of how the naive patient I was at the before my diagnosis turned into the aware patient I am today.

The graphic she used was apt: How do we turn on the light bulb and change?

It took so many years to make that change - maybe if more information like what we access without a thought now, had been available then, the process would have been faster.

The post was part of a series about Health Literacy and covered many types of transitions. You can see the rest of the stories here.

PS to readers: I love the picture of the girl and the giant pill and am guilty of using it again this week to make a point.

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