Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Exercise and Patient Engagement

Of course I plan to start exercising soon.  Here's my exercise bike almost ready to go. I'll use the pylons to keep people out of my way.
                                                                A McKinnon
Given the frequency that exercise and physical activity is recommended it should be heralded as the new wonder drug. In fact it may actually be running ahead of patient engagement in the wonder drug category.

So imagine what an engaged patient who exercises can do!
                           a longer than usual walk today             A.McKinnon

Prescription For Exercise

Last week in the #hcldr tweetchat participants received this prescription for health from Dr Tony Leachon. This is all you need to do to be healthy and live longer.
Thanks to Dr Leachon
From Dr Leachon's tweets I can see he is truly committed to changing viewpoints on disease prevention from the top down. Do you think that when it's a prescription we pay more attention?

Just kidding about the bike but I do exercise. There is nothing wrong with my core so I try to strengthen it to gain muscle and improve my balance. I do a modified form of Pilates while taking care not to stress my back because of worry about osteoporosis. This article by Sherri Betz about Modifying Pilates For People With Osteoporosis works as a guideline for me.  I worry about it because of my family history of back problems.
                                My back mascot - Bone Buddy  A.McKinnon

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