Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chronic Games

It's unlikely there will ever be a prize for any of these "sports". Sometimes though you have to laugh at all we go through for the sake of health.

It always feels like I should be in the Circus Midway when I try "Drop the needle in the Sharps Container." I miss more often than not, so I am getting lots of practice when I have to pick them up and start over.

Then there is the always fun 56 Pickup, modeled on 52 Pickup. What! You dropped a weeks worth of pills?  Too bad you'll have to pick them all up again. Maybe if you can't get them all your obliging husband will lie on the floor and roll under the bed to trap them.

This reminds me very much of Julie's incident from Real Stories of RA. You might say she is an inspiration.

It would be nice if this were just a game. Lucy dropped a pile of papers on the floor but the reacher was not enough help. So she squared them up with her cane and then took the cane and dragged the dog bed over near the papers. She was able to kneel to get them once she had enough padding. 

No dogs were moved in this operation.

There are also many other uses for that cane. Julie uses hers like a monkey's tail to push things into place or to get them out.  In the grocery store it is handy to to reach chips on the top shelf where no human can ever reach them. She can even help others!!

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