Saturday, 31 August 2013

Volunteering and Time Affluence

I first saw the phrase "time affluence" in the newspaper a year ago. Doesn't it just roll off of your tongue? It feels like another and maybe better way to be rich.

                                   Your Money

                                      Or Your Life

The short article I read described a study by Cassie Mogilner, PhD, which showed that when you do volunteer work or help others your subjective sense of time increases. This happens because you are increasing your sense of competence and your belief in your own ability.

That bodes well for your future too because the Public Health Agency of Canada says that "people who remain actively engaged in life tend to have better mental health and are more capable of coping with life transitions"  

So it's a win in two different ways: it seems that you have more time and in fact it will likely help you to live longer. And these are only the benefits to you. This is even before your good work is taken into account 

And another article by Oliver Burkeman where he says that "Giving time enhances your belief that time is voluminous - and that you're capable of making future time voluminous too." That feeling of unhurried leisure can't be bought.

Another interesting article (if you have time) is 
Goal Striving, Need Satisfaction, and Longitudinal Well Being: The Self Concordance Model Kenneth Sheldon and Andrew Elliot. (It's a 16 page pdf so be warned)

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