Saturday, 18 January 2014

Easy Solution for Boots and Orthotics

When winter comes and we have to layer up and wear boots to get through the snow and ice I always particularly hated having to move my orthotics from my shoes into my boots because then you need to do the whole thing in reverse when you reach your destination. To make matters worse you also have to carry your shoes with you.
Contains shoes

But there is a solution that I'm so glad that my friendly orthotist mentioned to me.  It's a high tech solution that is a lot like the boots I had as a child.  (Not exactly the same because the childhood boots had zippers and my Mom was always using a lead pencil on them to try to make the zips work more smoothly.)

Here are the new boots!

Yes, they are light on glamour but my shoes fit into the boots easily and I can just pretend that I am an intrepid explorer. They have great treads and are very warm and waterproof.

Here I am putting them on. It's very easy to do and they close with velcro up the front and at the top.  My shoes stay clean and dry and I don't have to take my shoes and orthotics off and on over and over.

Here's a back view of the boots - they're even adjustable at the top. When you look at who recommends these boots online you find soldiers, sportsmen and hunters.

They are also the perfect boot for people who really need to wear their orthotics or insoles and want convenience. I have not had to take the orthotics out of my shoes all year. That really helps my hands.

If you want to do a search for them they are called NEOS Overshoes and well worth a look if you live in a snowy part of the world. Of course in Florida I don't think even wool socks sell well, much less overshoes.

Update. Here's the tread. Very Important and lessens slips and falls

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