Saturday, 11 January 2014

Items That Make Life Easier With RA

The best purchase I made before Christmas was a cover for my new phone. With no cover it didn't take long before I dropped it - it felt so heavy and slippery and hard to hold. 

Then I found this cover. You don't even have to ask people to smile when you pull out your phone for a photo.

Look at the hand friendly profile. The beak acts as a slip-stopper.

The next place I shopped was Lee Valley, an online and real life woodworking and hardware store. I love it when I find things that let me easily do what I want to do.

 These forceps (technical name is 'label removing pliers') were only $3.50. It's so hard to pull many of the interior covers and safety seals off of products. No one advises you to use your teeth on those obstacles.

With these locking forceps it's easy  to get a grip and peel them back. They'll also be good for vitamin bottles.

Twist ties and cables also drive me crazy. These are larger and easy to use as well as looking very cool and visible. Thin wire ties are so hard to open, even to find the starting point.

I also liked the idea of making my own magnetic handle.  I bought some magnets that are threaded and screwed them into a handle that was sitting around. This should make it easier to open metal drawers with awkward pulls.

All in all these were very rewarding purchases, including the grater with the big handle and good angle.

You can find an interesting project about devices and strategies that make life easier at Rheumful of Tips. It's been a lengthy project from Auntie Stress and covers a lot of territory.

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  1. Earlier in the week, along with Lene (, I was an "old fart". Today, I'm an "old dog" who has just learned a new trick, thanks to this blog post. I don't have any forceps in my arsenal. What a great idea!

    Thanks for the not, too, Annette!

    1. Thanks Marianna and I think I missed the Old Fart post that Lene did too. I know you are saying "thanks for the nod" but I can't change it. I'm glad you found something new to you.
      I am so tired of having a chronic health problem. Sometimes exercising feels like a major chore, (like for a few weeks now) t least I have my duckie to keep me cheerful